Gat Perich international award winner 2016


Toni Soler

Toni Soler was born in Figueres in 1995. He is founder of Minoria Absoluta together with Queco Novell and Manel Lucas since the birth of the homonymous program in RAC1 (2000). Soler combines the direction of Polonia TV show with his articles in the newspaper Ara, occasional scripts and also writing books. Before, he was a journalist, script writer and presenter. He has won three Ondas awards for the comedy programs (Malalts de tele, Minoria Absoluta, Polònia). In football he is a Barça supporter, in basketball is a La Peña supporter and in Rugby he follows the All Blacks.

Queco Novell

He was journalist until 2000 in TVE-Catalunya and since then was linked to Minoria Absoluta with TV and radio shows like Set de Nit (TV3), Minoria Absoluta (Rac1), Las Cerezas (TVE), Mire Usté (Antena 3), La Escobilla nacional (Antena3), Polònia y Crackòvia (Tv3).
He has also participated as an actor in the cast of La Familia Irreal, Magical History Club and Polònia el Musical.
He has also collaborated in the newspapers Avui, La Vanguardia and Ara.

Jaume Buxó

Jaume Buixó studied journalism at the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona. As soon as he realized that it was more interesting to control what politicians say rather than simply relating what they say, he became a scriptwriter for the program Polònia for the last nine years. For the last six years he has been sub-director and script coordinator of the program. He has also written theater (La Familia irreal, Polònia el musical) and has collaborated in some radio programs. He likes to ride motorcycles and play drums, but never at the same time.