Gat Perich international award winner 2009

kappremi2009Kap (Jaume Capdevila)

Just in case anyone’s interested, I was born in Berga in the afternoon in June 1974. My parents named me Jaume Capdevila. I’m shy and timidly sign at the bottom of every doodle with these three letters: Kap. I am told that I am a humourist, cartoonist, caricaturist and worse. I have a college degree that credits me with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona which I use it to wrap my sandwiches. My cartoons regularly appear in La Vanguardia, El Mundo Deportivo, Region 7, El Triangle, Siné mensuel and Courrier International (the latter two are French magazines which shows I spent some time in language schools, a great advantage). I have published several volumes of compilations of my cartoons from Sense Kap ni peus (1997) to Som i Serem (2013), as well as several books of humour and some jokes like Manar ! Manar! (2009) Bojos pel Futbol (2011). In addition to drawing, I like to burrow into the newspaper archives and retrieve the forgotten graphic heritage and satirical press in our country. I have produced several projects and considerable research on the subject and also curated exhibitions, for example "Trazos. A century of Enlightenment and good humour in Mundo Deportivo", at the Centro Cultural Caja Madrid of Barcelona, was also shown in other cities such as Granada and Paris. Other shows include such as "Muntañola." "L’art de viure, l’art de viure" with the Obra Social Caixa Sabadell "Tísner" at the biennial Humour Humoràlia Lleida or "Cartoons offside," the Hall Comic Barcelona. Similarly, I have published several popular books of graphic humour and their authors as Bagaria. The war did not laugh (2007), L’Humor gràfic de Tísner (2009), Canya al Borbó! satirical iconography of the Spanish monarchy (2009), which was also published in Spanish under the rather diplomatic title of Los Borbones a parir (2009) – Si los curas y frailes supieran (2011) a number of volumes which recollects magazines like Cu-cut! (2012) L’Esquella the Torratxa (2013), La Campana de Gràcia (2013) or Papitu (2014). I have been awarded prizes such as l’Humoris Causa (in Italy), Premi d'Humor Gràfic Esportiu de la Fundació Catalana, Premio Notario del Humor of the University of Alicante, the Press Cartoon Europe (Belgium) ... and I must admit that the prize that has given me most encouragement is the International Gat Perich Humour Award!