Gat Perich international award winner 1998

ginpremi1998Gin. Posthumously.

Jordi Ginés i Soteras, Gin. Barcelona, 1930 - Sitges, 1996.

He began publishing cartoons in 1955 as Don Jose, a humorous supplement of the newspaper España Tangier, directed by Mingote. He was helping the artist and inker Conti, and worked journals Florita and Nicholás and the editorial Brugera creating various characters and joined the group of artists that formed the famous Escola Bruguera. He also participated in the preparation of the animated film "El Mago de los sueños" (1966).
His drawings were published in a lot of foreign magazines (Lui, Playboy, Stern...). During the transition, his drawings appeared in many publications of all kinds (Butifarra!, Destino, El Cuervo, Gaceta Ilustrada, Gaceta Júnior, Interviú, La Risa, L'Infantil, Nacional Show, Mata Ratos, Penthouse, Tio Vivo...) as his versatility as an artist capable of delivering poignant political cartoons and comic strips to innocent jokes for children.
He was part of the founding team of humorous magazines El Papus and Barrabás, and later director and co-editor of Titanic and El Jueves, and made a mark with his personality with the editorial style of the magazine, combining the spirit of defiant French satirical publications such as Hara Kiri and Charlie Hebdo with the craziness of the American publication Mad.
With a deft stroke, volume and colour, he is considered one of the greatest cartoonists of the late twentieth century, and a reference for an entire generation of cartoonists of humour. He published two books of humorous drawings Gin Tonic in 1979 and Gin 25 in 1985, a booklet with comic strips in black and white Denise in 1992, a book-catalogue Gin Drawings in 1996, and a set of humorous postcards Gioconda, 1985.