Gat Perich international award winner 2010

tricicleOKpremi2010El Tricicle

Legend has it that on 1 November 1979 three students of body language decided to interweave their dreams and form a company as improvised as the name under which they released. As fate would have it, a coffee room theatre was inaugurated called Llantiol where they soon forged an effective and direct style that gave them the confidence to perform as actors in their own right. Destiny struck again and they were granted four days in a real theatre where they created, combining the best of their limited production, their first show, "Manicomic." Encouraged by what seemed to them as a success, they started knocking on doors, but there was nobody in. Soon to follow came a performance at the Tarregà festival, a week performing during the Sitges Film Festival, a tour of the four corners of Catalonia, a seasonal show at the Regina Theatre, performances cancelled in Madrid due to a lack of public, a timely appearance on television and popular recognition of the trio. And from there, the story begins to repeat itself with few changes: more shows (though not that many, really), more touring, more hotels, more stars, more kilometres, more theatres, more friends, more countries, more focus, more signatures, more hands, the same questions over and over and more involvement in areas that seemed far from their initial objectives: television, radio, cartoons, advertising, film productions, theatre, musicals, Olympic shows…. meanwhile, furtively, the years go by; they celebrated the first decade as if they wouldn’t be celebrating any more, they reached the fifteenth anniversary, soon in to the twentieth year, encountered the twenty-fifth and have since recently survived the onslaught of thirty years together and still with the urge to continue doing what they do. The secret? They have been together for over thirty years aware that they are still starting out.