Gat Perich international award winner 2007

kimpremi2007Kim (Joaquim Aubert)

Joaquim Aubert Puigarnau, Kim nwas born in Barcelona in 1942. He studied Fine Arts and dedicated his time to paint a series of pictures of street studies. Kim is an artist who mastered all the techniques of watercolours to oil paints. He went to live for a year in the United States and returned in 1976, when he began working in the music magazine Vibraciones created by Angel Casas, where he published a monthly comic related to music. He worked for other magazines Por Favor, Mata Ratos, Rambla, El Víbora and Makoki. In May of 1977,he began to work with the magazine El Jueves.  For this magazine, the last survivor of the boom in adult comics created the series "Martínez el Facha" which has appeared continuously in the pages of El Jueves since the first issue to the present.
Martínez is a convinced fascist who believes in the values ​​of Franco and Mr. Morales a fascist side kick, whose only values ​​were based on making more profit. There is also an important gallery of supporting characters that have been developed in the nearly 30 year history of the series. Among them is Mrs. Martínez, who wears the trousers, Adolfito (whose aspect refers to the dictator Adolf Hitler), the friend of Martinez that accompanies all his misdeeds, Francisquito, grandson of Martínez and father Bocquerini, an Argentine priest gourmand ultra-right exiled in Spain since the arrival of democracy in Argentina. Other characters are Martin, the son Gulf Martinez (not fascist, only pretends to be to attract the girls), the banker Florián, the countess and the cardinal. This satire of the extreme right wing has been compiled in more than twenty albums: Martínez el facha (1979), Martinez el facha y família, La Patria te necesita, Volveran banderas victoriosas, Impasible el ademán, Salvemos España, La caída del Imperio Bolchevique, Alcalá Meco Vips Country Club, Ardor Guerrero, España va bien,… In 1995 he won the Grand Prix Hall of Comic Barcelona. And in 2007 won the International Gat Perich Humour Award.