Gat Perich international award winner 2005

ferpremi2005Fer (Josep Antoni Fernández)

Born in Mansilla de las Mulas (León), and at the age of three his family moved to Mollet near Barcelona. He studied History and Anthropology at the University of Barcelona at the time when independent journalism began. For several years he worked as a professor of history at a secondary school. The nickname Fer was conceived by Jaume Perich when he found out his surname was Fernández Fernández. His first cartoon appeared in Mata-Ratos, he then worked at La Prensa newspaper, part of El Movimiento, which played on his conscience. For those who do not know, El Movimiento was like the PP, but more intense. Afterwards he began working in El Papus and also in 1977, at Barrabás, etc., and in 1982 went to work at El Jueves under the guidance of Gin. In February 1987 he published the first cartoon in Avui newspaper, replacing no less than Cesc, one of his tutors. He published cartoons in a weekly football magazine, Don Balón having a little dig at the misfortunes of being a “culer” (nickname for a Barça supporter). He was awarded The International Gat Perich Humour Award, the Ivà Award 2005 and in 1996, awarded by the City of Cornellà best cartoonist. Acalá de Henares University appointed him Professor of Humour, and he has been Honorary President of the Festival of Cartoon which was in St. Esteve, near Perpignan. While using the computer, he still makes drawings with pen and ink and watercolor . He has published Adéu Presi, with jokes about the president Jordi Pujol and Franco & Cia, jokes about the Generalísimo "and friends."