Gat Perich international award winner 2002

gallegoreypremi2002Gallego & Rey

José Gallego (Madrid, 1955) i Julio Rey (Madrid, 1955) met at Diario16 in January 1980. Rey was the writer and cartoonist.

FUntil 1989 the published daily cartoons for Diario16. In April of the same year they accepted an offer at the newspaper El País.

In Autumn 1992, they received an offer from the private television channel Tele 5 for a cartoon strip in primetime news, which they did until 1997 with considerable success.

In mid1996 they moved to El Mundo newspaper, (where they still publish cartoons) alternated with other publications like sports daily Marca, or Semana magazine, Interviú and satirical magazine El Jueves.

In 1999 the Post Office commissioned one of the most ambitious and attractive projects: The Illustrated History of Spain.

Their method of working has always been the same. Rey’s journalistic approach provides information on selected topics which he mentally distorts to its most extreme point. Gallego applies this distortion to the caricatures of all his characters. The cartoon strip by Gallego and Rey basically questions public attitudes. Gallego & Ray have received many awards for their work which include::
• Premi"Juego Limpio" de la R.F.E.F.
• Premi de la Associación Nacional de Informadores Gráficos de Prensa
• Premi Estrellas del Humor• Premi "Tono" (Premios Villa de Madrid)
• "Credencial de Comunicador del Club de la Comunicación"
• Caballeros de "L’Academie du Trait d’Humeur"
• Profesores honoríficos del humor de la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares
• Primer premio de Humor gráfico del salón del cómic de Gijón.
• Medalla de Oro al Merito Filatélico• Premio Internacional de Humor "Gat Perich"
• Premio Salvador de Madariaga de la Asociación de Periodistas Europeos.