Gat Perich international award winner 1996

plantuOKpremi1996Plantu (Jean Plantureux)

Plantu was born in Paris in 1951. His career began in October 1972 in Le Monde which published his first drawing about the Vietnam War. Since 1985, his drawings have illustrated the cover of Le Monde. Since 1991 he has a page in the weekly publication L'Express.

In 1991, he met with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in Tunisia, who drew the Star of David on the Israeli flag on one of Plantu’s drawings. The following year, Arafat and Shimon Peres signed together one of Plantu’s drawings, a year before the two had signed the Oslo Treaty.

In 2002 Plantu met with Kofi Annan, who at that time was the Secretary General of the United Nations, with the aim to bring together a group of international press cartoonists, and created the Foundation Dessinateurs pour la paix (