Gat Perich international award winner 1996

perichpremi1996El Perich. Posthumously.

Jaume Perich, El Perich, was born on November 5, 1941 and died on 1 February 1995 in the town of Mataró. In 1964 he began working as editor of the editorial Bruguera (Pulgarcito, DDT, Can Can, Tío Vivo...). During this time he also translated for the first time into Spanish, famous French series such as Astèrix, Teniente Blueberry, Aquiles Talón, etc. In 1966 he published his first drawing in the press, he continued to work and develop uninterrupted every day until his death in February 1995, collaborating with publications such as Solidaridad Nacional newspaper, El Correo Catalán, La Vanguardia, Diario de Barcelona, El Periòdico de Catalunya or weekly news magazines like Gaceta Ilustrada, Triunfo, Fotogramas, Interviú, El Jueves, Jano... In 1971 he published the book Autopista which was the bestselling book of the year in Spain. He then produced more than twenty books in the series including the "Noticias" on Channel 5. As a result of his love for cats and especially the cat Mao, he created the character of the cat which became the vehicle of his critical style. Perich loved cats and especially appreciated their indomitable, free and independent character. Just before he died he was preparing his last book for publication, Los gatos de Perich. He was a founding member of the famous magazine Hermano Lobo and co-creator with Vázquez Montalbán of the political satire magazine Por Favor. He put on exhibitions, collaborated in advertising, and also wrote scripts for TV3 where he worked as a humour consultant for 5 years. He also participated in collective comic exhibitions in countries like France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Germany and most Latin American countries.